A brief introduction


While you find yourself interested enough to read my posts you might be wondering: “Who writes these?”. On that note I will attempt to clarify this in the following small chunk of writing.

I am a man in his mid twenties who enjoys travelling, reading and writing. Most of the reading and writing takes place in my cozy appartement in Belgium, I do hope to one day move across the great ocean and settle in the USA. Why? Because I like the culture and the people there a lot, most of the people I communicate with live there and the more they talk about their country or share pictures of their surroundings my heart grows more fond of one day living there myself. I still have to make my first trip over there but that is a project in the works.

For now, I’ll stay here in tiny little Belgium, working on a project that I’m undertaking with a good friend of mine for which I am very excited to see it complete. I will also update my blog as much as I can and hopefully bring you guys content you like to read and to which you can relate or dream away with as I plan on releasing a series of short stories.

If there are any questions regarding my content or something completely different feel free to e-mail me or leave a comment on my posts, I will make sure to reply to every single one.


I hope to hear from you,

sincerely yours,