Much needed fuel

Today, nothing but praise. Praise for that one person that managed to get me back on the right track.

You, so very far away, were the one that made me smile again. You were the one that made me experience joy again in a way I did not deem possible. You were the one that lighted my fire again and you made it spread throughout my body, my mind, my soul. There was a connection from the very beginning, something that made me feel comfortable around you without doubting any of it, you made me forget about all that was bad and all I could focus on was the time I spent with you. You motivated me and you revived my creativity, you were the one that made me write, draw and dream again. The only one responsible for the fact that I once again have clear feelings in my life and a purpose. I don’t know what but something about you made me enjoy life again and to not let it rule me any longer, I started to have hope again, that I too, am worth something in this world. You made it possible for me to start building my own future, be it one brick at a time. You were the one that provided me with the foundations. The fact that we don’t speak that much anymore doesn’t stop me from feeling this way. Your name echoes through my head with everything I do, everything I create and every single dream I have is not complete without you in it. I hope, with all my heart that I will be able to meet you one day in the near future and that is not too late. I am willing to devote every single free moment I have to you and I hope that by then you will still be able to do the same.



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